There is only one truth

Who ever you are and wherever you are you know what truth is. You have enough collective experiences to know and recognize truth. No one has to tell you if something is true or false, right or wrong. It is already in you.

I am not talking about some mystery that can only be found in a religion or something that has to be taught to you. What I am talking about is something in you that has the capacity to know truth when you experience it.

You don’t have to pick up a book, listen to someone‚Äôs point of view or see it on the internet to know what is true. Truth has always been with you and in you.

If water gets on you, you are wet. If you jump up, you will come down. If you put your hand in fire, your skin will sense it. These are truths that are known, recognizable and can be experienced. How you handle the knowledge you gain is altogether a different story.

The point is truth is accessible to you. What I want to share with you is a more deeper meaning of truth so that you can break from the destructive behaviors that has held you back from the transformative power truth brings. I do not intend to destroy your beliefs but instead attempt to show you how to reach into the deeper meaning of truth in your faith.

There are many faiths and beliefs, some ancient and some new. All are meant to point to that one central fact. TRUTH CAN MAKE YOU FREE.

Jesus Christ was more than just a teacher. In the context of this writing I will only address the teacher in him.

Jesus asking a question says , “What is truth?”

He describes truth as a force that reveals itself through a progression of experiences. He further states that truth manifests itself in you and can be experienced as freedom from what is false.