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Making your way prosperous

I was walking and thinking about the scriptures where David talked about meditation in Psalms 1, and Isaiah spoke on making your way prosperous. As I thought on what that means and where in my saved life I might have examples. I thought about a time where I entered into what is know as the rest of God. It says the only way to enter into his rest and cease from your own works is by laboring to enter that rest.

I will tell about that experience later.

Got the Holy Ghost! Now What

I've been filled with the Holy Ghost now for over 30 years. I've seen many young preachers grow up and make lots of mistakes. I seen some of them rise to the top and fall years later. I've seen young ladies who love the Lord fall in love with someone who isn't saved and painfully deal with the consequences of their choices.

Being filled with the Holy Ghost is just the beginning. Now that you have received birth from above, of course with evidence, you need to learn how to give your body to the Lord as a living sacrifice, and work to transform your thinking.

What does giving place to the devil looks like?

What does giving place to the devil looks like?

I have heard this were quoted many, many times throughout my 30 something years of being saved filled with God's Spirit. Making my mistakes and making decisions at this please God and overtime learning and making the correct decisions . But, what does it look like to give place to the devil. Think of it like this there is a difference between having a thought and attempting to control the thought that and not having to top it all off. Not having to thought it all is more  not giving place to the devil. And

About Accountable to God

Spiritual growth is about change with proof of change. When Jesus was being challenged by the political, and social norms of that time someone asked him the question about truth. Jesus replied, "What is truth?" That's the question every child of God interested in eternity should ask. What's true about my life and what's a lie. What things do I do everyday that displeases God? What things that are part of my social norms are wrong? Proof! My goal is to tell my story so that others may see the way, know the way and walk in that way.

What does that really look like?

In this article I talk briefly about a 7 1/2 year employment that had gone wrong. A workplace situation where everyday I would come to work and become attacked by my supervisor and his friend my co-worker. I was a victim of a disturbed and sick supervisor who would go home everyday and come up with a new thing he would do to me in order to get me to respond inappropriately so that he can build a case to get rid of me. It started when after being employed at the job, he found out I have 6 degrees. He only had a high school diploma. You can image what he thinks everyday when he comes to work. I am a threat to his employment. It, the mental games he would play did not stop until the Lord removed him. One caviate to all of this is that the Lord Jesus Christ says that he wants to show me something about himself, that cannot be known any other way. Through this trial I learned how to engage Jesus Christ so that I can respond appropriately to him and do so under the most difficult of challenges, for me, that is, believing the Lord when things do not appear to be going my way is hard but not impossible. This testimony is about my employment with the State of Washington's Public Disclosure Commission where my boss, who feels threatened by my character attempts to destroy me and my relationship with the Lord, cause me to quit the job and go elsewhere or just die.


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