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Commitment and a slap in the face


Jesus Christ proved himself to be the most committed person in the entire history of the planet, by demonstrating that he is willing to put his very life on the line so that doors could be opened for you and I to live holy in this evil world and more.

It is that character and attitude this should be demonstrated in every child of God. Unfortunately, most saints (leadership) do not have this persona.

Impact of His Spirit

What we do, everything we do is judged at the moment we do it. Every seed sown will produce a harvest.

When you spend time getting to know Jesus Christ, you will find Him completely committed to your success and development. He is never gone. Working day and night in heaven for your benefit. It is that type of spirit that comes with the Holy Ghost and if you let him; you will adapt the same characteristics as Christ.

Peter, for example, tried to hide from that very change, when he was called upon to answer if he was or was not a disciple of Jesus Christ at the trial of Jesus. But the way he spoke and carried himself prevented his cursing or other types of behaviors to distract from the affects Jesus Christ had on him.

I Am On Of Them

These days if I tell you I will be there I will go through great lengths to be there. I don't like being let down, so I try with all my heart to not do that to another person. You can call it what ever you want.

  • Integrity
  • Truthful
  • Committed
  • Dependable

These are word until there is an appropriate behavior supporting it.

I'm sharing this because of past and current experiences dealing with men. I don't like when I give 100% plus and other people do not show up or do nothing. I don't like people getting me excited telling me how much they appreciate me, and want to do this or that and then you don't hear from them again.

What is that? A test?

We are talking about saints of God.

We are talking about leadership.

So I move on to something else

I'm the type of person who will moves on and does something else. Why, because I've been in enough situations to know better. I've learned that you can't make a person who doesn't want to be somewhere - come.

The danger in a saint who doesn't keep their word is dealing with God's laws - you know - the one where he says he hate liars. Liars will not enter the kingdom of God and so on.

So I move on because I don't have the time.