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All His Promises

The Lord has made promises to me and because I abide in him, engage him in my life experiences and continue to trust him despite challenging situations I know he will bring them to pass.

But first let me tell you a story: 

My early experiences

When I was saved filled with the Holy Ghost the Lord would lead me, this newly saved person into some really challenging situations that aged saints have not experienced and could not provide guidance. I wasn't a week old and the Lord had me tarrying with souls possessed with demons. I learned alot that day. Christ taught me how to cast out demons, lay hands on folks to get healing or filled with the Holy Ghost.

Casting out demons is not for the faint in heart and requires total surrender to the Lord.

My experience this particular day has stayed with me over 38 years. I find behaviors and similiarities in that demonic experience with people I see daily.

What is interesting is that the same attributes and similiarities in that demonic experience exists in our current President. Saint is the great deceiver. Like our president Satan is the PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE AIR. He uses misdirection so that he can steal from you. He doesn't blind you, he deistracts your focus or attention while, for example, he is sifting you like wheat.

The Demon was talking to me

My experience was nothing like the exercist, I didn't carry a big cross, holy water, silver and all the stuff you see on TV. I was me, Jesus and prayer. Satan wanted nothing more than for me to fear him. I will put it like this. Midnight prayer lasts from 12 midnight till 3am. We were stil in the room after 3 alone. The janitor told me he hear the commotion going on in the room; that sounded like someone yelling, fighting and throwing chairs around. He said;

I opened the door to see what was going on and when I saw that guy speaking in different voices and throwing himself I closed the door and walked away.

I asked him:

Why didn't you come in and help me?

He said:

Not from what I saw. I ran from there.

I thought to myself, I'm a new born saint and this guy has been saved for a long time and that's the response I got.

The Experience

Everything started off normal. I was in midnight prayer on my knees praying when the Lord told me to get up. He led me to the entry of the church and standing there was this guy drunk. He could barely stand. The Lord spoke to me and told me to tarry with him. I started heading towards the sancuary and the Lord said to take him into the upper room. So we got on the elevator to the 2nd floor.

I begin to talk with him about the Holy Ghost and how it's a gift given to us through Christ sacrifice. I asked him to get on his knees. He did.

I begin to pray with him while he was saying Hallejuah. The more I prayed, the more disturbed he got. The Lord pulled me in deeper causing me to focus more on his presence than the gentlemen who was tarrying. The deeper the Lord pulled me in the more this guy pleaded for me to stop praying.

Please stop! Stop!

As I continued to pray his voice would change, repeating over and over for me to stop praying. He would even cry. With his variety of voices, he started talking to me. Some things made sense, while other didn't.

"Look on the wall I see blood ...." 

The Lord constantly pulled me into him to protect me and telling me to ignore him.

Ignoring the demon made him very angry. The demon made the guy jumped up off his knees and started throwing this guy across the chairs, running him into the walls, making animal sounds and so on.

Eventually that demon was cast out of him.

What did it feel like?

  • I could actually feel things and sense them.
  • I felt the spirits filling the upper room as they were leaving the man.
  • They never left the room.
  • I could feel their dark presence. A darkness that was heavy, threatening, and felt like the air was being sucked out of the room.
  • At times I would sense the guy behind me preparing to strike me.
  • So I dug deeper into prayer and his response was throwing the guy into a chair or the wall.

The Demon was gone

The room was suddenly silent. It seems like brightness or light returned and I could sense God's peace in the air.

The Lord had changed this man's life. He started praising the Lord uncontrollably, yelling out the window.

This Jesus is real.

I'm completely sober. Hallelujah!

I'm sober, Jesus is real.

He thanked me and said I got to tell my Jehovah witness sister that Jesus Christ is real.

The gentlemen preached Jesus was real.

I always felt different and rejected

Coming up in a church that was about 200 members and watching the church grow to over 1000 people was a difficult experience for me.

As a small church I was needed. As the church grew and people from all faiths and walks of life joined. I begin to be persecuted by my fellow preachers.

I begin to feel rejected, like an outcast and it got worse as the Lord begin to teach me his ways and I would share them.  

javascript:void('h2')When it came to the things of God I wanted to know everything about him and how to please him. This seems to lead to conflicts with the unproven beliefs of my fellow ministers. They had money to buy books. I was homeless and depended on prayer, fasting, and church attendance to get my education.

Looking back church attendance did not benefit me spiritually, it was doing stuff that the Lord was showing me.

Do not complain to God

I remember being homeless in dead of winter in Detroit Michigan.

I was walking around in the cold trying to find somewhere to sleep. I sat down on a bench over looking the frozen Detroit River when a guy walked up to me and says;

Your a child of God aren't you?

I replied, Yes

He says,

What are you doing out here homeless?

I told him I'm trying. I don't know what to do.

I don't know what happened to him. I don't remember him leaving. But I got up walking around to find a place to sleep for the night.

I walked to Hart's plaza because I remembered it had a basement area for selling consecessions. I figure that would get me out of the cold wind. The entire area was filled with homeless people in card board boxes, newspaper and whatever thing they can use to get warm. 

As I approached the area I was crying and complaining. I had just walked 7 miles from the church listening to my Pastor Bishop W L Bonner preach about being blessed. So I repeated over and over to God what I heard preached today:

I'm blessed. I'm of the royal priest hood. I'm your child, I shouldn't be going through stuff like this...

I continued to complaint. As I approached the basement I could smell urine; it was really bad. So I added that to my conversation with God.

Lord, I'm better than this.

While looking at the homeless sleeping peacefully I pointed and said to God:

Look at them. I'm better than them.

For the first time in my life, I heard the Lord yell at me and replied:

No your not. Everything you have in this life I gave to you. Even the hope that is in your heart. I can take it out and put it into that man and he will get up; bathe himself, get a job and marry and you will take his place.

I became still like a tree. I quickly gathered my things and found a warm basement to sleep at my old apartment complex. It was a 5 x 3 storage locker. But I was comfortable. After that I got myself together and never looked back.

Finishing my story

I've been through a lot, homelessness, death knocking at my door, overcoming all types of sickenesses, persecution, rejection, and etc.

Because I spend a lot of time in church during my early years, I was persecuted by the saints; there was no need in the ungodly taking me through stuff; my own brethren did.

As I change in the Lord, and my knowledge through trials and tribulation increase things that have happened to me over the years are now beginning to make sense - why they happened.

The knowledge of Christ and His plan for me are all starting to come together, to make sense and they are creating new experiences, and blessing that are over taking me; I'm so floored by His work in me---good outcomes.

All work together for my good.

The promises of God are yeah and amen. To God's glory, power and majesty.