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See what Pastor King is up toHi I'm Pastor King.

What you see on this site

Most of what you see on this site are drafts before they are published to Greater Life Churches website. I use tools like iPhone dictation, or a quick note. Which means is are lots of grammer and spelling errors or incomplete sentences or phrases until I get back to them.

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I want to please the Lord

Like most of you, I want to be blessed, live a wonderful life and be with Jesus Christ after life ends in this flesh.

To do that requires some understanding about the rules. Unfortunately, most of the rules were made up by men and are taught to us through many different mediums.

What I am trying to understand is God's ways and thinking. Then learning to apply them. I am finding it difficult in this difficult and challenging world.

For example.

The Lord taught me that sin is a word that acts as a container to describe a collection of behaviors that come from the natural man. So too, the Spirit has attributes or behaviors that are collectively called the "Fruit of the Spirit".

Both the natural man and spiritual man responds and make decisions based upon their set of behaviors. The natural man cannot know the things of God because they are spiritually discerned. If that is the case, who is doing the listening and interpretation of preaching, teaching and reading the bible.

Becareful what you hear....

The spiritual man or the person walking in the spirit responds or make decisions based upon a set of clearly defined behaviors. They, the behaviors, are selfless. 

To judge a situation or problem from - love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness and etc is how the spirit responds. Learning to do them while being abused, persecuted or under pressure is really challenging. Continuing in the word under these set of selfless acts is hard walking in the flesh, but easy to do while walking in the spirit. It is easy, and is how you know you are in the spirit. It has no impact mentally, physically or emotionally.

His burdens are unto your souls.

I believe that there are various cultural norms common amongst humanity. Working within them (the rules) create common experiences and problems. It is a known fact, that if you take away someone's memories, the issues and challenges in their thoughts are no longer bearers to a new life. Why are we asked to think differently by Paul in Romans 12:1-2 is something we should all carefully investigate.

All of what we believe to be truth, I bring into question. I seek to prove them through my own experiences and write about them.

As my experiences evolve, so will my writings, therefore I recommend that you subscribe to articles that interest you and then refer back to this site for changes or updates.

Truth challenges everything

The Lord has informed me early during my journey to discover and prove truth. He informed me that I will be blessed, but I will have an up hill battle to fight. What he plans to reveal to me and ask me to write will free saints and make them independent of the church and closer to Jesus Christ.

The Lord says that there will be few who would embrace these teachings; but all will find it inspiring and helpful. Because without the desire themselves to prove and disapprove everything, change is not possible.

What God says

The Word of God clearly states outcomes from obeying, believing, responding too, abiding in and asking God. But somehow our Christian beliefs causes us to ignore the obvious. What we believe is simply not working.

I set out to use my own life experiences meeting and writing about my challenges. Not every writing is clear. That's normal as the scales or blindness falls away. Eventually, when God has changed things and they become stable, I will include all of that in my writings.

After they have been edited and ready, they will be published to

Hopefully, this will give you a picture of how and what I do to engage Jesus Christ to create change.